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The CDC is capable of caring for children who can be integrated into the program without requiring a change in child staff ratios. The educational and emotional well being of your children is very important at Fort Bliss. Family and MWR accentuates the "CARE" in child care with its developmental programs to stimulate young minds.  Along with a thematic curriculum, children and parents participate in field trips throughout the year. 

The Child Development Centers on Main post, Logan Heights and East Bliss offer you and your family a broad range of quality, professional care.  The centers offer a volunteer for a discount program.  You may volunteer to receive a 10% discount on your monthly tuition.  

The Logan CDC, Bldg. 3500 or the Milam CDC, is open on Saturday from 1 PM-11
PM. The Logan CDC is open on odd dated Saturdays and the Milam CDC is open
on even dated Saturdays.  The cost is $4 per hour. This will give you the
opportunity to leave your child in a safe environment while you enjoy the night out.

The NAEYC torch

All Fort Bliss Child Development Centers are certified annually by DoD through an unannounced inspection by the six Child and Youth Evaluation Team (ACYET). In addition, our eligible centers are accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.  The Academy is a division of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the nations' largest organization of early childhood educators. Once accredited, the Academy requires an annual report of changes and improvements.  The entire accreditation process is repeated every 5 years. Weekly, preschool and before and after school programs are available for children ages 6 weeks through kindergarten. Hourly care is available for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.  

Exceptional Family Members:
CDS care for exceptional family members within delivery systems, Child Development Centers (CDC) and Family Child Care (FCC) homes.  Families with special needs children attend a meeting with the Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) in order to determine if placement within CDS is possible.  The CDC is capable of caring for children who can be integrated into the program without requiring a change in child staff ratios.  Placement is on an individual basis.  The center's ability to meet the needs will also determine the amount of time the child can be cared for within the center. Click here to read about of EFMP program.


Hours of Operation:

Main CDC
1730 Haan Road - 568-5689


Milam CDC (East Bliss)
11896 Haan Road - 744-7877/7789
Saturdays (even numbered days)


Logan CDC
3500 Ellerthorpe - 568-3989/4887
Saturdays (odd numbered days)

Replica CDC
5036 Sheridan - 569-7196

East Bliss CDC
20707 Kasserine Way - 744-2731
Monday–Friday 5:30am–6pm



Eligibility:  Dependent Children 6 weeks to 12 years of Active duty personnel, DAC employees, Army Community Service (ACS) and American Red Cross (ARC) volunteers and Members of the military reserve components who have been activated. Priority is given to single and dual military/DA civilians, then to the military member/DA civilian with a working spouse then to all other eligible categories.

The Child Development Center continues to provide special hours of operation for weekends at its main location.
Open Door Policy:

We are very proud of our staff and all our child care programs at Fort Bliss.  We also know however, that child abuse and neglect can occur in child care settings.  To protect your child and assist staff in providing quality care, parents need to become a partner in their child's program.  Studies point out that abuse is less likely to occur in centers where the parents have access to their children. All Fort Bliss Child Development Programs have an "Open Door" policy.  This policy has been established to encourage involvement in your child's program and to support your responsibility as parents to ensure care is being provided for your child.  You are encouraged to spend time in your child's programs and to get to know your child's caregiver.  Parents should make it a point to visit their child's program at different times of the day or any time the need arises. If at any time you see anything you think is inappropriate, please address it directly to the caregiver/room leader/director.  Your assistance in helping us identify poor care giving skills or actual abuse is one of the critical factors in preventing child abuse.  You also have the option of reporting suspected child abuse directly to the military police or the DoD Hotline at 1-800-336-4592.

At Child Development Services (CDS), our staff believes that true education takes place in the home.  It is the parent's role to make the transition from home to school and back home as educational and meaningful as possible.  We will be asking you as parents to take an active role in your child's educational experience at Fort Bliss CDS. You will be asked to spend time volunteering in the classroom, and to do home projects with your child. 
The CDS Staff believes that childhood should be a fun and happy time, so we want learning to be an enjoyable experience. Children learn best when they are actively and playfully involved in activities that interest them.  Working with you, the parent, it is our desire for your child to develop a good attitude toward school and education. 

CDS is a joint effort with the parent. The foundation of our program is the parent and staff working together. Parent participation in all forms is a high priority and encouraged as much as possible.


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