Resilience Training

Are you a tennis ball or an egg? Do you bounce back or do you crack? Learn to bounce back when the stressors of everyday life start getting you down by attending the ACS Resilience Training. The training will enhance your effectiveness and well-being by teaching you the skills to build mental toughness, learn what your character strengths are, build strong relationships, and lastly how to hunt the good stuff, focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

Resilience Training is offered as a full-day class running from 8:30am-4pm on four consecutive days, and as a once-a-week class that meets from 9am-4pm one day per week, for a series of five weeks.

All classes are free and take place at the Family Resilience Center, Bldg. 250 Club Road on main post.


To learn more, contact the ACS Special Projects Coordinator at (915) 569-5500.

Fort Bliss Army Community Service, Building 2494 on Ricker Road, leads the Army in providing many quality services to assist Soldiers and their Families. By developing innovative programs and continually checking the well-being of our Soldiers, ACS sets the standard in assisting Families in periods of crisis and providing valuable information. Several Family support programs are offered - Family Advocacy, Financial Readiness, Army Volunteer Corps, Mobilization and Deployment, Relocation Readiness, Army Family Team Building, and Information, Referral and Outreach. With Relocation Services, the Lending Closet, and Relocation Counseling, Soldiers can take care of their needs quickly. The center also provides everything you should know about your next duty station. Stop by or click here to send an e-mail to the Relocation Staff with any specific questions you may have. Click here to email Fort Bliss Army Community Service.


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