Veterinary Services

Veterinary Treatment Facility
Building 6077, Carter Road
Fort Bliss, Texas 79920-5001
Phone (915) 742-2266 / (915) 742-3388
Fax (915) 742-6202


U.S. Army Veterinary Corps personnel and civilian support personnel professionally staff the Fort Bliss Veterinary Treatment Facility. The Army personnel are responsible for sanitary inspections of military and commercial facilities in the El Paso area that provide food for the Armed Forces.

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Hours of Operation

Monday –Friday  7:30am-4:30pm


We are closed weekends, holidays and the last working day of every month for inventory.

Services Offered

We offer both wellness services and treatment for your sick pets. Patients are seen by appointment only. In addition, we offer dental cleanings and other surgical procedures (such as spays and neuters). Prior to being scheduled for surgery, your pet must have been examined by a veterinarian at our VTF within the last 6 months. Unfortunately, after hours emergency services are not available.


Wellness services are offered in various packages that are designed to meet the needs of your specific pet. During your appointment, we will discuss what immunizations are recommended for your pet as well as other yearly tests such as heartworm testing and fecal tests for parasites. When your pet receives all of the wellness services in the recommended package, you will receive a package discount.

Canine Packages

Feline Packages


Registration of Pets

Pets residing on post must be registered (at no cost) with the VTF within three (3) working days of arrival and be microchipped as well as be current on all vaccinations.  Dogs and cats residing off post must be registered with the City of El Paso at Animal Regulation and Disease Control. Proof of rabies vaccination and microchip must be presented at the time of registration and the cost is S10. Download registration form here.

Health Certificates

Health certificates are available for interstate and international travel. Certificates required for airline travel are valid for ten (10) days only. The animal must be examined at the time of health certificate issuance. International travel regulations can be confusing and vary by country. Please contact us as soon as you know you will be travelling internationally or to Hawaii with your pet so that we can help you determine what requirements are applicable to your pet. In some cases this process can take more than a month, so it is imperative to contact us as soon as possible. A Fecal Test will be performed to every pet getting a Health Certificate and you must bring a copy of orders for the PCS discount. View cost here.  

Heartworm disease in El Paso

Heartworm is a parasite that is transmitted to both dogs and cats through mosquito bites. The mature adults live in the heart and blood vessels supplying the lungs. Untreated heartworm disease can lead to congestive heart failure in dogs and severe respiratory disease in cats. Although treatment is available, it is costly and requires your pet to be confined for 30 days. Prevention of heartworm disease is ideal and is relatively simple. We recommend both cats and dogs receive a once a month dose of heartworm preventative year round. Dogs should be tested for heartworm annually to ensure they have not become infected as dogs don't typically show signs of heartworm disease until it is very advanced. The preventative is available by prescription only through the VTF.

Click here to view a list of preventative medication.

Fort Bliss Responsible Pet Ownership Regulations

  1. Only two pets are allowed. Fish tanks and bird cages count as one pet. No more than one fish tank is permitted in a home. No more than two bird cages are permitted in a home.
  2. Exotic pets are not permitted.
  3. At present, the following breeds are considered aggressive and are not permitted: American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull, Akita, Chow, Doberman, and Rottweiler.
  4. No “visiting” pets are permitted without prior Community Management Office approval.
  5. Management must approve all pets and all required documents are to be on file prior to housing any pet (refer to Resident Guide).
  6. A current picture must be kept on file in the Community Management Office.
  7. Breeding of animals for any purpose is not allowed on post.
  8. Your dog or cat must be on a leash when exercised off your premises. The person walking the animal must be physically capable of controlling them. Either a retractable leash or a leash no longer than 6 feet should be used.
  9. The climate in El Paso can require some adjustment for people and pets new to the area. For your pet's safety, do not leave them in enclosed vehicles during warm weather even for a short time. Make sure they always have sufficient water and food when outdoors as well as proper shelter from the sun and weather.
  10. The following locations are off-limits for pets: public buildings, golf courses, parade grounds, cemetery, tennis courts, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, baseball fields, school yards, bachelor enlisted quarters, transient family housing, and temporary officer's quarters.
  11. If you keep pets outdoors, even for a short time, they must be within a fenced yard, dog run, kennel, or other fenced enclosure sufficient to contain them. Keeping pets on a chain or tether staked in the yard or tied to something is prohibited.